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Brand: Momax

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Momax Q.Dock wireless charger

Simply pop your phone on MoMax Fast Wireless Charging Dock and enjoy fast wireless charging instantly Support charging in either horizontal or vertical position Case-friendly: Charge without removing your lightweight case (except metal/magnetic case) Triple Protection: Overheat, over-charging and short-circuit protection Rubberized anti-slip finishing ensures your phone stays safely secure

Momax Q.Dock wireless charger White | Momax Q.Dock wireless charger Tradeline Apple

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Apple Remote

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Apple Remote with iPod and iPhone. If you connect your iPod to a home stereo, powered speakers, or TV set, the Apple Remote lets you experience your songs, slideshows, and more from across the room. Plug your iPod into the Universal Dock and choose a playlist, slideshow, or video. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Ready to move on to the next song? No need to get up. Just press the Next button on the Apple Remote. Getting a call on your iPhone? Press Pause, then pick up where you left off.

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    Griffin Compact Dual USB Car Charger

    Griffin Compact Dual USB Car Charger

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    The Griffin Technology Power Jolt Dual Universal Micro Car Charger is a small, dual-USB car charger. Just plug the Power Jolt Dual Universal Micro Car Charger into your car's 12V socket and attach up to two devices that receive power via USB cable. The charger is universal, so it will power-up any USB-chargeable device including smartphones and iPods. It delivers a full 1 amp charge through each terminal for quick charging. The Dual Universal Micro also features a self-resetting Smart Fuse circuit breaker, which means you won't be replacing any fuses. The Power Jolt Dual Universal Micro Car Charger is a powerful, compact and convenient car charger.

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